The damaging aspects of steroid use have received a much worse reputation than is probably deserved, as the mass media has tried to bury performance enhancing drugs in images of needles, death, and shrinking balls for years now. However, we should keep in mind that steroids, like anything else, are dangerous primarily when they're abused. Used in safe, monitored moderation, the effects of HGH or any other supplement could be a beneficial factor to recovery times, and help to reduce the career-altering effects of certain injuries. And hey, when you think about it, isn't that exactly what a medical advancement like Tommy John surgery allows an athlete to do?

As technology and medicine play a larger part in defining athletic performance, the general public needs to realize that steroids have the potential to be just as helpful as any other advancement made in the future. Yes, the dangers of PED abuse have been well-documented, but what would happen if athletes were using those enhancements under a more intelligent and watchful eye? The benefits could be enormous.