Whispers of placing ads on NBA jerseys have been forming for a couple years now. The general consensus being that advertisers will have their way in the NBA. While the idea may seem commercially repugnant and force the sports purists of the world to once again throw up their arms in outrage, let's first not forget that advertising is literally everywhere in the sports world. What's the name of that ballpark, arena, or football stadium you're sitting in right now? Odds are pretty good that it's sponsored by a company. Or, as another example, take the Super Bowl commercials. Advertising during the Super Bowl has become an entire event all its own that people regularly look forward to as a part of the pageantry of the game. Oh, but now, suddenly, a sponsored jersey is too much? And honestly, what's the difference between seeing another ad on top of the Nike or Adidas logo that we already see on any team's apparel?

In a fight like this, you can't really pick your battles—it's either all or nothing. If the governing bodies of sports see that they're able to get away with commercialism on one level, then they're going to go as hard as they can to get every last bit out of it.