Often times, when we sit down to watch sports, certain circumstances require us to put on the blinders in order to enjoy a game. After all, we don't want to think about the fact that Athlete X "allegedly" committed a crime last week but still continues to get paid millions of dollars anyway, do we? Sports fans are no strangers to moral quandaries like this, often opting to feign ignorance instead of actually doing anything about it, mostly because, well, what can we do? However, as a result of our indifference and inaction, a lot of contradictions like this continue in sports or just get worse. Think about gambling or the hype-cycle or our overly-masculine sports culture.

Problems like these persist in large part because we, the hungry masses, continue to participate or buy into them. Take a look at the Biggest Contradictions in Sports Culture and think about how these issues affect your overall experience as a fan. Do any other glaring contradictions come to mind?