Anne Hathaway 1, Paparazzi 0.

Late last week, Hathaway went out for a walk with her dog Esmeralda in Los Angeles. And as you would probably expect, she was immediately followed by a bunch of paparazzi who wanted to take a picture of Hathaway and her dog. So she let them snap away while she walked the dog, played with the dog, and, at one point, cleaned up after the dog. And before she went back inside with the dog, Hathaway decided to give the paparazzi one more gift just to let them know how much she "appreciates" them following her every move. So she took a bag that she had filled up with her dog's poop, walked it over to one of the paparazzo's cars, and left it for him on the windshield.

If that doesn't illustrate just how much Hathaway hates the paparazzi, we don't know what does. Well played, Anne.

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[via Fox News]