It's been awhile since a jailhouse letter written by Aaron Hernandez has leaked out. At the end of the summer, it felt like there was a new one leaking out every other day. But since then, Hernandez has either been quiet or simply writing letters to penpals who haven't sold their letters to TMZ.

At any rate, another jailhouse letter written by the former Patriots tight end was just published by TMZ Sports. This one was written right before Thanksgiving and is super long compared to the other letters that we've seen. And in it, we learned a few things about Hernandez. Here are a few of those things:

  • Hernandez really likes to use the term "lol" a lot. Like a lot a lot. He used it 5 times in the letter and threw in one "LMAO" when he apparently thought something was extra funny.
  • Hernandez maintain that he is innocent and did not take part in the murder of Odin Lloyd. He even says, "I literally haven't been stressed one bit," while discussing the situation he's in and makes it a point to say that being in jail is less stressful than being out in the real world.
  • Hernandez is going to try and play in the NFL again if he ever gets released. He has been working out behind bars. "These jail workouts are serious!" he writes.
  • Hernandez has read about 25 books during his time in jail. He says he wants to be "stronger, wiser and…way more intelligent" when (he underlines "when" in the letter) he is released from jail.

Hernandez also caps off the letter by drawing a picture of a naked girl at the end and writing the words, "DATS A BAD BITCH," before throwing in one more "lol" just because. "lol" is right. We don't know what prompted that drawing but "lol."

You can check out the entire letter—and Hernandez's weird naked girl drawing—in the thumbs gallery above.

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[via TMZ Sports]