The day promised sunshine, steaminess, and sensory overload as I prepared to climb into the new 2015 Aston Martin V12 Vantage S for the first time. I slid the balaclava over my head, adjusted the strap in the D-ring on my helmet, securely mounted my sunglasses, and climbed into the passenger seat so the instructor could show me around the track where we’d be spending our day.

As we rolled off, that glorious V12 rumble gradually began to build around us. At first, the instructor took it slow -- after all, we were exiting the pit lane onto an active track. No one was going race speed, but still. I couldn’t wait to hear that engine roar in full anger.

Palm Beach International Raceway was the track, and although it lacked the elevation changes that make watching racing fun, it flowed beautifully and worked quite well for our intended purposes. Turns were mostly late-apex sweepers and a nice section of esses, as well as a back straight that just begged you to floor it -- this on top of the mile-long drag strip. All in all, it was a good selection of place to demonstrate this car’s mind-blowing capabilities -- not to mention the sheer delight of driving it.

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