You only have so much love to give. The bottom line is that you can love your job, love your girl, love your car, love your favorite sports team, and love anything else you want, but there is only so much love to go around. Some people are great at distributing that love. They are able to shut off their passion for their sports team as soon as the big game is over. They can avoid gushing about the dope exploits of their guy friends while at a romantic dinner. And they can leave their feelings for their car locked away in the driveway or garage.

Unfortunately, not all of us have this gift. Some of us struggle to serve two romantic masters: Our cars and our ladies. Odds are, you get more pleasure riding the later than the former, but that doesn’t mean that you can't love your wheels a little too much. Today, we want to teach you to look out for those moments when your love of automobiles might interfere with your love for your lover. For all of you autophiles out there, here are 10 Ways Loving Cars Could Ruin Your Relationship.

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