We can understand the allure of the replica car; it allows a fan to create a modernized, reliable version of a classic that they love the design and history of. The problem is that most people can't afford a really good replica from a company like Superformance, that most people really aren't very good at building things, and that some of those people still try. 

Take this guy in Baltimore: He's trying to sell or trade this hilariously bad Porsche 917 Replica. "I have a great looking Porsche 917 looks great but does need a engine." [sic] Is saying it "looks great" twice like a double negative? Does the second one cancel out the first one? That would be the only way this makes sense. Compare it to the second photo of a real 917 to see just how bad it is.

The worst part isn't even that terrible black bumper, is the fact that the whole car seems to be curling up at the ends like one of those stupid fortune telling fish that you get in the prize bag at a seven-year-old's birthday party. The real 917 was designed for aerodynamics, whereas this thing can probably fly with how much air it forces under the body. 

At least he's "open for trades best offer" and that the car is listed at $18. 

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[via Craigslist

Thanks to Ben Shepard for the tip.