Want to know why the Falcons are 2-9 this season? Then look no further than the GIF above, which features Atlanta quarterback Matt Ryan scrambling during the second half of last night's Saints/Falcons game before making a break for it and taking off for the end zone. He has a lane. He looks like he's going to score. All he needs to do is lower his shoulder and fight for a few extra yards and…


Yes, he most certainly did. He slid. On third down. With a chance to score a TD. And the Falcons had to kick a field goal instead of score a touchdown on the drive. Samuel L. Jackson, who was at the game, was not happy about it:

No, really. He was pissed:

And so were more than a few Falcons fans:

Damn, dude. If that play doesn't sum up the Falcons season, we don't know what does. Well, okay, other than this:

Only five more weeks of this, Falcons fans. Five looooooong weeks...

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[via Bleacher Report]