Did Rihanna just cause another fight between two guys to break out at a nightclub? According to multiple reports, yes.

The Herald-Sun is reporting that two players from the Australian Football League's Gold Coast Suns were involved in a fight on Monday night that ended with one guy breaking his teammate's jaw. The fight broke out shortly after the players—who have been training in Arizona recently—were asked to leave the Bootsy Bellows club in Los Angeles after Rihanna arrived. One player Steven May wanted to get an autograph from Rihanna before the team left. But a player from another AFL team tried to stop him, which caused May to talk some trash to him. And when he did, May's teammate Campbell Brown stepped in and actually started fighting with May. The two went at it for a few seconds before Brown allegedly punched May in the face and broke his jaw. It may lead to Brown getting kicked out of the AFL.

Details about the incident are still under investigation. But it's clear that May did sustain a broken jaw at the club on Monday night. And Rihanna may have had inadvertently played a part in it.

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[via Deadspin]