If you're a Redskins fan, we officially feel bad for you. Your team stinks. Your quarterback got annihilated last night. And yo, you can't even get any free toppings on your Papa John's pizza right now!

Apparently, Papa John's runs a promo in the Washington, D.C. area that calls for local stores to give away one free topping for every touchdown that the Redskins score on any given Sunday (or Monday). But unfortunately, the 'Skins didn't record any touchdowns against the 49ers last night. So after the Monday Night Football game was over, this was the offer that Papa John's gave to Redskins fans:

Damn, Papa John! You couldn't even give them a sympathy topping?! As if life wasn't tough enough for Redskins fans, now they have to deal with this, too. Like we said, we feel bad for you guys. Maybe next week?

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[via Dan Steinberg]