Nowadays, most designers work within an industry and rarely branch out. Occasionally an architect will design a chair, but the title is often preceded by a term that only limits the person's creativity. Raymond Loewy was a designer, period. For his 120th birthday, Google chose to honor Loewy with a Doodle inspired by his iconic 1939 Pennsylvania Railroad S-1 train design, but they could have chosen a number of other things. A few of Loewy's other successful designs were the packaging for Lucky Strike cigarettes, the Coca Cola bottle, the Nabisco, Exxon, USPS, and Greyhound Bus logos, the 1963 Studebaker Avanti, the 1941 Lincoln Continental, a streamlined pencil sharpener, and a little plane known as Air Force One, just to name a few. If more designers today thought as creatively and diversely as Loewy did, we would probably have made it to a Jetsons-level existence by now.

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[via Gizmodo]

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