With Eastbound & Down's fourth season coming to an end, we're bracing ourselves for life without Kenny Powers. Danny McBride's character might not be in the same league as Walter White (R.I.P.), but he does still hold a special place in our heart, a place with room for an arrogant, abrasive, alcoholic, drug-addicted former baseball player. 

Despite his shortcomings, KP has dropped a lot of (profanity-filled) knowledge on us. He's taught us when and how to man-up and grow up, even if the latter never lasts long for us. He's taught us that perseverance pays off. And he's also taught us which rides are appropriate for certain situations. 

Powers' transportation has been diverse throughout the last four seasons, which is fitting. He's been a boring teacher in North Carolina, a recluse in Mexico, a minor-leaguer in Myrtle Beach, and now, a TV star back in North Carolina. Each situation has required different whips. We're here to pass on the lessons with What Ride You Need for Various Situations, According to Kenny Powers.

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