Date: 5/13/1994
Game: New York Knicks @ Chicago Bulls

When Michael Jordan left the Chicago Bulls for the baseball diamond, Scottie Pippen took over the reins as the team's star player and leader, guiding them to a 55-27 record and leading them in both points and assists. It would have made sense, then, that with a pivotal playoff game on the line that coach Phil Jackson would put the ball in Pippen's hands. However, with Game 3 of the Eastern Conference semifinals in its dying seconds, Jackson decided during a timeout that rookie Toni Kukoc would take the final shot. In the kind of nonviolent resistance that would have made Gandhi proud, Pippen sat on the bench and refused to enter the game. The Bulls ended up losing the series, and despite a Hall of Fame career Pippen forever tarnished his legacy as a team-first player.