Date: 12/14/1991
Game: Detroit Pistons @ Utah Jazz

Karl Malone may be one of the least beloved Hall of Famers in NBA history. He was an absolute physical freak, and took such good care of himself that he stayed in peak condition well past the typical expiration date of power forwards. This monstrous flying elbow he delivered to Isiah Thomas, though, showed what he could do when he used his strength in a less-than-benevolent way.

After Thomas torched John Stockton (whom Isiah believed had taken his Dream Team spot) earlier in the season, Malone settled the score as Thomas needed 40 stitches to close the wound the Mailman left on his face. By going after the 6'1", 180-pound point guard, Malone cemented his reputation around the league as a bully who only went after players much smaller than himself.