Kobe Bryant is an unquestionable all-time great; we even compared him to Jay Z on our 15 Rappers and Their Equivalents list. But what would Bryant be without Phil Jackson? Probably one sad, ringless Black Mamba. A lot of rappers wouldn't have the hits they do without their prime choice of producing partners either. Cadence, lyricism, technicality, and all that jazz are a few things the rapper needs, but if that's all showcased over weak ass beats, then the audience really isn't pulled in and the hits prove to be even more evasive.

Greats like Pat Riley, Gregg Popovich, and Larry Brown have been instrumental in getting those championship rings on the fingers of many players just like how beatmakers Pharrell, Rick Rubin, and Dr. Dre are the force behind many hits. There's a lot of cases where the relationship between producers and coaches go beyond just function and becomes similar in career trajectory and ideology. Check out some of them on NBA Coaches and Their Hip-Hop Producer Equivalents.

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