We already spent a good amount of time adoring the new Mercedes S-Class, especially the impressive technology and the absolutely stunning interior, but this is just absurd. We think the regular S-Class' engine is plenty, but for those who think "plenty" isn't enough, there's the S63 AMG, which offers tons. For those who think "tons" isn't enough, there's now the S65 AMG.

The S65 gets its grunt from a 6.0L twin-turbo V12 that puts out 621 horsepower and an absolutely astounding 738 lb-ft or torque. We haven't done the math, but we're estimating that 738 lb-ft is enough to reverse the rotation of the planet Mars. Acellerating to 60 mph takes only 4.2 seconds, and the S65 tops out at 220 mph. Hire a good chauffeur if you want to be driven about in this beast. That said, we have no idea why you'd want to buy a 6.0L V12 and not drive.

US deliverys will start in the Q2 2014.

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[via Mercedes-Benz