Remember when J.R. Smith tried to holler at a chick on Twitter earlier this year by pulling out the line, "You trying to get the pipe?"? OF COURSE YOU DO! It was easily one of the most epic direct messages of all time. Even though it was pretty inappropriate when you really think about it, it takes a certain amount of confidence to send someone a message like that. So J.R. was applauded for his effort.

Marco Belinelli needs to learn a thing or two from J.R. Because yesterday, he attempted to holler at a chick on Twitter by sending her a direct message. And his DM was, well, just take a look at it below:

Hmmm…Safe to say, Belinelli is not on J.R.'s level when it comes to DMs, eh? At the very least, J.R.'s DM made us laugh when the girl that he sent it to shared it with the world. Belinelli's DM makes us cringe. And squirm. And throw up a little bit. And…you get the point.

Is that really the kind of game he's running? If so, we imagine that this isn't the first girl to pull out the "I have a man" line on him on Twitter. Just saying.

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[via Black Sports Online]