Even though they consume the lives of millions and millions of people all across the globe every single day, sports are not life and death. And there are lots of things that are way more important in life than sports. But at the same time, sports can be used to help inspire and heal people in times of need. It's the main reason Manny Pacquiao is training right now instead of visiting the victims of Typhoon Haiyan and making his way through his native Philippines to help those who are in need in the aftermath of the typhoon.

Although Pacquiao desperately wants to do whatever he can to help the Typhoon Haiyan victims, he also realizes that he can do a lot by fighting Brandon Rios in Macau on November 24 as scheduled. So he's not going to make his way to the Philippines until after the Rios fight. Rather, he's dedicating the fight to those who are trying to recover from the typhoon.

"I really want to visit the area and personally do what I can to help our countrymen who have suffered so much in this terrible tragedy," he said in a statement that was just released. "But I'm deep in training for a crucial fight so I regret I cannot go. I will send help to those who need it the most and I enjoin all of you to pray for our country and people in these trying times."

This is no doubt a tough spot for Pacquiao to be in right now. But do you think that he should be putting his sport above the typhoon victims? Regardless of how you feel, it's going to be hard not to cheer for him on November 24. Because he's not just fighting for himself anymore, he's fighting for his entire country.

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[via ABC News]