Each year, people continue to start thinking about the holiday season earlier and earlier. Hell, the Christmas tree above Radio City Music hall is already up, lit and ready for some tidings of good cheer. But Lexus isn't about to spoil the fun, shooting down pre-Thanksgiving celebrations and is already lining up some new toys for the Tokyo Motor Show. Two trims of the RC Coupe (a 3.5L V6 and a 2.5L hybrid) and the LF-NX Turbo will both be skating to the stage for the first time on Nov. 20th. 

Aside from the ultra rare LFA, the only other Lexus coupe from the past decade was the SC models, which ran their course from '91-'10. Taking cues from the LF-LC, the RC is the new Lexus two-door, and it's a hell of an upgrade over the SC, when it comes to the style department. The hourglass grille and check-mark LED lights, of course, dominate the facial expression, with air vents, dual exhaust and multi-cornered tail lights shaping up the rear. 

As for the LF-NX, we can't exactly say that the turbocharged version is different from the original concept, because they never really gave us details of the first powertrain, but that's what the company is promoting for the release in Tokyo. The LF-NX also has a slightly different front splitter to match its punched power. Check out the gallery below: 

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[via Lexus