With two NBA titles now under his belt, and a handful of MVP awards lining his trophy case, Miami Heat superstar, LeBron James, has finally begun to make good on the endless comparisons that have been drawn between him and Michael Jordan since the beginning of LeBron's career. The criticisms had been dogging him for years. He wasn't clutch enough. He couldn't lead a team. He would never win a title. Constantly in MJ's shadow, the pressure that had been mounting on LBJ had nearly reached the point of becoming insurmountable.

But even after getting over the championship hump, LeBron has only invited himself to further comparisons to His Airness. Now, the question becomes how many titles he'll win; how many MVP trophies he'll take home; and whether he'll be able to overtake Jordan as the greatest to ever do it on the hardwood. Is that task even possible though? Maybe, maybe not. But to give you an idea of what it'll take, these are the 10 Things LeBron Needs to Do to Actually Become Better than Jordan. What do you think? Will the King ever truly be King? Let us know in the comment section below.

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