How amazing is this?

The last time we saw Kevin Ware on the court for the Louisville Cardinals, he was writhing around in pain during the 2013 NCAA Tournament with a piece of bone hanging out of his leg. That was a little more than 200 days ago. But last night, after months and months of rehab, Ware made his long-awaited return to the basketball court during a Louisville game against Pikeville. And the first shot that he hit during the game was a three-pointer from right around the same spot on the floor where he suffered his horrific injury. After the game, he said that he's ready to get back to business.

"I want to be treated like a regular basketball player," he said. "That's what I came to Louisville for. That's all I really want."

We're glad that it looks like he's going to get the chance to be a "regular basketball player" again. And we hope that he stays healthy during the regular season. Seeing him back on the court after what he went through earlier this year is nothing short of a miracle, and we don't ever want to see him—or anyone!—go through something like that again.

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