In 2012, ESPN anchor Max Bretos sparked controversy when he used the phrase "chink in the armor" in relation to a story about Jeremy Lin. Bretos was suspended by the network for 30 days, but not before fellow anchor Jorge Andres gave an on-air apology for Bretos' remark. Now, in a strange twist of irony, Andres appeared on the 9 P.M. broadcast of SportsCenter last night where he said Lin was "cooking with some hot peanut oil." 

While there are plenty of people in the comments section of the YouTube video saying that they weren't offended by Andres' comment, it should be pointed out that dude could've chose from dozens of other oils to couple with when saying Lin was cooking against the New York Knicks. Like, avocado, vegetable, corn, olive, canola, and so on. However, peanut just seemed to roll off the tongue for him.

C'mon guys, ever heard of thinking before you speak?   

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[via For The Win]