Were you impressed with what 76ers guard Michael Carter-Williams was able to do against the Heat on Wednesday night? Of course you were. He recorded 22 points, 12 assists, nine steals, and seven rebounds in his NBA debut and actually injected a little bit of life and hope into the Sixers franchise. But there was one NBA player who was not impressed with what he did. Well, he was, but he's not buying into the MCW hype just yet. That player? John Wall, who will play against Carter-Williams when the Wizards take on the Sixers tonight.

"He had one good game," Wall said earlier today. "I mean, the first game, the opening night. Very enthused. He was ready, excited. The first time playing in front of the Sixers' fans. So he had a big game. I had a couple of big games my rookie year."

Wall has a point. MCW has only played one NBA game so far, so we shouldn't go too crazy over him and his gaudy stats. But we bet that MCW is going to go right at Wall tonight now that Wall has, in essence, pointed out the fact that he's not going to go too crazy over him just yet. And unbelievably, it almost—almost!—makes the Sixers/Wizards game tonight must-see TV. A rivalry between these two might be born...

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[via Black Sports Online]

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