We've been waiting years to write this story! Martial arts movie legend Jean-Claude Van Damme has been approached by Volvo Trucks to appear in their new commercial. Van Damme (or Jean-Claude, whichever you prefer) sat down with one of Volvo's engineers to discuss his involvement in the product testing. Van Damme was never an Oscar-caliber actor, so we believe that the video below is unscripted and that his reaction to Volvo's request is legit. They ask the "Muscles from Brussels" to rewind the clock back to the early 90s to perform a stunt that shaped his legacy: a full split.

Despite leaving the action to the young guys in The Expendables 2, Van Damme seems to be in good shape for his age...but good enough to bust a split on side mirrors between moving trucks? We're not too sure, and he clearly isn't that confident in himself either:

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[via Autoblog]