Jay Z and Beyoncé are at the Clippers/Thunder game in Oklahoma City tonight and…OMFG! JAY Z AND BEYONCE ARE IN OKLAHOMA CITY TONIGHT?!?

Yup, it's true. And it's got people on Twitter going nuts. Although Mr. and Mrs. Carter have been at dozens and dozens and dozens of NBA games at this point, this one seems to have a lot of people excited because it's the first one they've been to in Oklahoma City:

So why are they there? Well, we're sure there's a good explanation for it (if we had to guess, Jay is there checking out his star client). But we like the one that Charles Barkley offered up a short time ago:

BAHAHA. Zing…and zing. U mad, Knicks and Nets? Yeah, you mad. Hov needs to go halfway across the country to see some decent basketball nowadays. SMH.

[via Rachel Nichols]

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