Note to self: Do NOT yell "Kobe owns your ass!" in James Harden's direction. Ever.

According to TMZ Sports, the Rockets guard is being sued by a Lakers fan named Barak Golan who claims that Harden punched him in the face after he heckled him outside of a Los Angeles nightclub earlier this month. Golan says that Harden was in a vehicle outside of the Greystone Manor club on November 3 talking to a group of fans when Golan yelled out, "Kobe owns your ass!" Golan says that Harden punched him in the face immediately after he said it and then drove away after flipping him off. And as a result of the incident, Golan is suing Harden for assault and battery.

Harden is yet to respond to the accusations. But if this story is true, what is it with Rockets players and hecklers so far this season? Do people really hate the Rockets that much right now?

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[via TMZ Sports]