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Not every company has brand new vehicles to show at this week's growing-in-importance Dubati International Motor Show, so brands are slightly altering vehicles they might have already shown for different debuts in the sandy city. Although not as dramatic as Rolls-Royce addition of diamonds to its previously shown Celestial Phantom, Jaguar's CX17 SUV Concept is showing its face in new clothes, a liquid aluminum finish which highlights the manufacturer's upcoming use of aluminum monocoque artitecture in 2015. 

Details on the engines aren't released yet, but they say that there will be both gas (the V6 from the F-Type) and diesel engines that will hit "top speeds of over 300km/h (186mph), and emissions lower than 100g of CO2 per km." The interior includes bucket seats, a sculpted panoramic roof, Jet saddle leather and Orchid leather panels for two-tone contrast, and a smooth Interactive Surface Console that runs through the middle of the crossover and controls all electronics and climate systems in the front and rear. Oh, and the boot also has two pop-up tailgate seats. Check out the detailed photos below. 

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[via Jaguar