This might seem a little cold-hearted, and it certainly might send a not-so-great message to those family members you don't see enough, but it's 2013, people. Stop taking offense to people being 100 percent digital 100 percent of the time. Think about it like this: Would you rather have your relative physically with you but lost the entire time playing Candy Crush, sending sexts to their significant others and checking fantasy football scores? Or would you rather have their attention for a full one to two hours, actually having quality conversation through Facetime or Skype. (Dont' take it the wrong way, we will be going home, but this is just what the times are these days).

It seems like the second might actually be a little less frustrating/detrimental to the relationship. And if you don't want to completely get rid of a get-together of sorts, then you should ... (*repeatedly clicks remote that never works, trying to go to the next slide*)