Thanksgiving is in two days. That means plenty of cranberry sauce, an excuse to eat sugar goo topped with pecans, forming miniature version of Hawaii with mashed potatoes volcanoes and then saving the day by eating all the molten hot gravy that was about the kill the village of green beens at the foot, and of course, the Lions being the Lions because they're Detroit and the Lions. 

It also means lots and lots and lots of travel, slash driving, slash squeezing into tiny spots in airports and on airplanes. Most people just accept this fact, take it on every year, and complain every year about how it's the worst traffic every. That's because it is. It's one of the most-traveled weekends of the year, so heaps of cars are no surprise. However, there are ways to be proactive about this. They might be right in front of your face, but we'd like to point them out to you, just in case your brain is too busy trying to process how you're going to get from your stepmom's house in Wisconsin to your parents' place in Seattle in three hours. Here are Simple Solutions for Avoiding The Worst Traffic of the Year