You know when you go to the bowling alley and you see a 10-year-old scurry up to the lane, whip his arm like a limp piece of spaghetti and thump the bowling ball down the lane? And the ball goes on the least efficent, bumper-heavy path to its eventual destination of barely skimming one of the 10 upright pins? That happened in Chicago recently ... except the ball was an SUV trying to run away from an accident and the bumpers were other cars trying to drive down the street like normal, adept drivers. 

If you had a Sportscenter-style counter in the corner of the screen, you'd see that, as the Nissan Murano tries to escape a furious cab driver, it hits 1 ... 2 ... 3, 4, at least four cars. Finally, after the Murano demolishes a late-model Cadillac SRX, it skids away. Very glad some random had his camera rolling from his apartment window. Let's hope this was enough to grab the license plate.  

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[via Youtube]