Date: 11/30/1985
Location: Bryant-Denny Stadium
Result: 25-23, Alabama

Bo Jackson knew a lot of things throughout his days as a football superstar, but beating Alabama wasn't always one of them. Though 1985 was his Heisman year, one of the teams that Bo wasn't able to get through during his campaign was the Alabama Crimson Tide—the long-bitter rivals of Jackson's Auburn Tigers. Though Bo had been able to lead his Tigers to victory over the Tide in his first two seasons with the team, his junior and senior seasons weren't as successful. And in his final game against Bama, it bordered on miraculous that the Tigers couldn't pull out the win. 

During a tumultuous fourth quarter that saw five different lead changes, the final possession was given to Alabama after Auburn had scored to go up 23-22. With just 36 seconds left, and stuck at their own 17-yard line, it didn't seem likely that the Tide were going to be able to find a way to score. Amazingly enough, though, a reverse from Al Bell and a pass from quarterback Mike Shula to receiver Greg Richardson brought the team to the 35-yard to attempt one last field goal. Looking at a 52-yarder, Bama's kicker, Van Tiffin, nailed it through the uprights to snatch away a win from Bo and his Tigers, and clinch the upset. Roll Tide. 

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