Headed to Cancun anytime soon? Do yourself a favor and don't play a round of golf while you're there. Or if you do, make sure you pay a little extra to have a golf cart handy.

A group of friends were golfing at the Iberostar Cancun Golf Club recently when a 12-foot crocodile jumped out from behind a bunch of bushes and attacked one of the men. The croc took hold of his leg, bit down, and then started dragging the man towards some nearby water. But his friends saw the whole thing take place and were able to get the crocodile to let go of his leg. And how did they do it? Well, by running it over several times with the golf cart. Without it, there's a good chance that the man—later identified as 58-year-old Dougie Thomson—would have been a goner.

"My leg is a complete mess," he said. "It's only by the grace of God I'm alive—and I'm an atheist. If my friends hadn't seen what was happening, I would have just disappeared."

Thank God for those friends—and, more importantly, for that golf cart. Thomson needed 200 stitches in his leg. But at least he's still breathing.

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[via Golf Channel]

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