Big news for lovers of hatchbacks and wagons (e.g. us) is issuing forth from GM's North American President Mark Reuss. 

First up is the Chevy Cruze Hatchback (Shown), which is currently sold in Europe but not the US, and Reuss says that not offering it in the states was "was a pre-bankruptcy planning mistake," so you can definitely expect to see that on our shores soon. Next up is a new small van that wil try to steal some sales from the Ford Transit Connect. If you're a florist or a plumber you might be excited about this, but we're betting that you not. That brings us to the most interesting car that could be on the horizon, which also happens to be a phrase not used to describe a Buick in a long time. 

Buick is working on what Reuss described as a "much more beautiful Panamera," which makes us think that a swoopy, wagon-ish Buick sports sedan could be coming soon. Will this be the Grand National/GNX revival, will it be called "Riviera," or will it go full wagon and be the Roadmaster that we all have fond memories of?

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[via Forbes