Early Saturday morning, Magic forward Glen "Big Baby" Davis attempted to check into a Travelodge motel in Orlando. But he ran into an issue at the front desk: There were no rooms available for him. So Davis did what you would probably expect a guy nicknamed "Big Baby" to do. He threw a crazy temper tantrum that ended with him slamming a keyboard against a wall and forced a Travelodge employee to call police. You can see all the action in the clip above.

So why did Davis react so negatively to the Travelodge employee telling him that he didn't have a room available? Why did he damage property in an effort to get a room at, of all places, a Travelodge? And yo, why was he even checking into a Travelodge in the first place?!? There of quite a few reasons that we could think of—er, or one specifically—but we'll let you be the judge.

Regardless, Davis took to his Twitter account yesterday and apologized for the situation. He didn't answer any of the questions that appear in the paragraph above, but he did say that he was sorry for what had taken place:

Oh, Big Baby. Go take a timeout. Just don't do it at a Travelodge.

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[via Eye on Basketball]