The Boston Celtics were expected to have a tough season this year. After all, they're essentially in rebuilding mode. But, so far, the Celtics are 0-2 and Gerald Wallace is already frustrated and venting about his teammates. Following last night's 105-98 loss to the Milwaukee Bucks, the 31-year-old forward said, "I'm trying to figure out what's more important, winning or padding your stats." 

To make matters worse, teammate Jeff Green chimed in, echoing some similar frustration about the current C's team. "On a scale of 1 to 10? Fifteen," Green said. "We’ve got to figure out ways to put egos aside." Again, we're only two games into the season and things are this bad? Yikes! Brad Stevens, get a hold of your troops or this is going to be a looooooong season. 

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[via For The Win]