A lot of people will be playing their annual Thanksgiving football game with a few family and friends. Some of them will have an affinity for ripping off clothes during a tackle. Others may lower their heads to tackle because nothing says Happy Thanksgiving like a concussion. A lot are people you hate playing with, but you deal with it because these are the people you chose to be around.

But before the arguing over who will be the quarterback starts, make sure you thank the heavens you never had to play against former linebacker Channing Crowder. Every game during his six-year career, opposing players caught a glimpse of a faint, greenish stain down his leg. A few had the horrific realization that it wasn't Gatorade. No, that was a urine stain. Crowder peed on himself every game.

Crowder didn't give a reason why he would do this, but he did clarify one thing: "My teammates didn't enjoy it as much as I did." No, Crowder. They didn't quite "get it."

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[via For The Win]