Audi managed to get 100,000 people to click that "like" button on Facebook, and we'd like to say "good work, Audi. if you work hard you too might be able to get up to 475,000" because that shameless one-upping was irresistible, and because we also know that the Audi USA page has over seven million fans, and we need to take said one-up where we can get it.  

Regardless of the reason, the way Audi's social media team chose to celebrate was by releasing the first video of the new Quattro supercar. The new Quattro is a 700 horsepower AWD (of course) hybrid that can hit 60 mph in just 3.7 seconds and will no doubt cost at least $3.7 bajillion. 

It looks good, but we're still waiting to hear one good reason why this is better than an R8 V10 Plus that will be faster and cheaper.

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[via Audi on Facebook