In 1957 a tiny new car was released in Italy, it was designed to mobilize the struggling post-war Italian working class. It worked, and became Fiat's most successful car ever. In 2007 Fiat decided to relive those past glories with the new Fiat 500, and that car eventually crossed the Atlantic and came to our shores, spear-heading Fiat's return to North America.

To celebrate all of this, Fiat unveiled the 500 1957 Edition at the LA Auto Show. It's just like a regular 500, in that it looks suspisciously like a Dualit toaster/original 500, but even more so. The 1957 Edition comes in colors from Fiat's line-up in '57, like Celeste (pictured), Bianco (white), or Verde Chiaro (light green), bears throwback Fiat badges, and is upholstered in ivory and brown leather. 

It also features upgraded sport suspension, because why the hell not?

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[via Fiat