After the surprising Philadelphia 76ers defeated the Chicago Bulls, 107-104, on Saturday, caught up with Evan Turner who had nothing but great things to say about teammate Spencer Hawes, who racked up 18 points and 11 rebounds. In addition to praising Hawes' ability to attack the boards, Turner gave the center a, um, very interesting nickname. “He’s doing a great job, rebounding most of all,” Turner said of Hawes. “We need the presence. Right now, he’s the white Dwight [Howard].”

Given everything that Howard has been through in his career, Hawes may not be very appreciative of the nickname. However, if Turner was trying to simply reference Spencer's rebounding prowess (34 boards in the first three games), there had to be a better, more NBA fan friendly example, right? Or, does "The White Dwight" just fit him perfectly?   

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[via Beyond The Buzzer]

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