When Ed Reed signed with the Houston Texans in the offseason, he thought he was signing with a team that had a legitimate chance to make it to the Super Bowl. But it hasn't worked out that way for the Texans this year. They're currently 2-7 and have all but been eliminated from the AFC playoff picture.

So Reed has been, understandably, frustrated. After the Texans lost to the Cardinals on Sunday night, he went as far as to say that he thought Houston had been "outplayed" and "outcoached" by Arizona. And it seems as though those comments didn't sit real well with the Texans coaches and upper management. So according to the Houston Chronicle, the team is going to release Reed today.

They're actually doing him a favor by doing it. The Texans clearly aren't going anywhere this season, so this will give him a chance to sign elsewhere and resume his quest to get back to a Super Bowl. Anyone out there in need of a safety with Super Bowl experience and a Hall of Fame résumé? Holler at him.

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[via John McClain]