Being 1-8 as a football coach will frustrate anybody, but it's not a good enought excuse to lose the sense of professionalism to the extent that Eastern Michigan head coach Ron English does in the audio clip below. English completely spazzes out on his football team, outraged in a its inability to flourish. "You've always fucked up," he angrily says.

He may have still had a job if that was all he said. The other terms he uses are "quitting ass bitch" and "faggot ass motherfuckers," the latter of which you never want to get caught publicly saying to your football team. There is the possibility similar things are said in other football locker rooms around the country, but this rant reached the ears of the higher ups at EMU, so he was fired. A statement from the university says the firing was the combination of multiple reasons, The rant was the final push apparently.

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[via Deadspin]

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