Dubai and the United Arab Emirates has always been associated with that oil money, but over the past two or three years, the middle east has firmly established itself as not only the mecca for fuel, but for the most expensive machines that use that oil, as well. Whether it's the horrible tales of abandoned supercars left to be burried in the sand or the extravagant police force or the valet parking at The Mall of the Emirates, the most costly and rare cars live in the desert. 

So it only makes sense that the city's auto show is growing in popularity. While America is engulfed in its custom aftermarket culture with SEMA this week, almost all major luxury and supersport car companies were presenting some of their best rides for the wealthy. Highlighted by a supposed 5,000hp hypercar and a Rolls-Royce with 466 diamonds in the doors, take a dive into the piles of money with our gallery of cars from the Dubai International Motor Show

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