Earlier this week, the city of Harbin in China experienced their worst snowstorm in the last 50 years. It dumped a ton of snow and made it impossible to drive around the city. And as the driver of one SUV found out a few days later, driving in the city was still very dangerous even after all of the snow and ice had been cleared off the streets.

In the clip above, you'll see an SUV make its way down a Harbin street. And then suddenly, a huge block of ice falls from a building and lands on top of the SUV and sends snow flying everywhere. It's a scary scene, to say the least. But miraculously, the driver was able to survive the incident—even though his SUV wasn't.

We don't know if the driver of the SUV celebrates Thanksgiving or not. But if so, he or she has a lot to be thankful for today. Because this could have ended in tragedy.

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[via The Big Lead]