A quick glance at that zero on the W column of the Buccaneers' 2013 record should tell you that a few folks in Tampa Bay's staff will probably be jobless after this season. But for now they're without what was their best running back. Doug Martin has been placed on injury reserve because of the torn labrum in his shoulder.

For Martin, it's a poor end for what has been a below average season for him. After breaking the Buccaneers single-season rushing record (1454 yards) in his rookie season last year, Martin only had one touchdown this year and broke 100 rushing yards in a game once (To be fair, Martin didn't break 100 rushing yards until his seventh game last season).

Martin's shoulder injury is one of the few major ones to occur this season. Mark Sanchez also suffered a torn labrum after Rex Ryan's dubious decision to put him in late in a preseason game, while Aaron Rodgers suffered a collarbone fracture on his non-throwing arm. Tampa Bay probably isn't worried about those other injuries though. It may be worried about how it's on the verge of reliving 1976.

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[via Pro Football Talk]