The New York Knicks and Denver Nuggets are both off to disappointing starts this season, and many would question if the team need a shake up to counter their early season slides. With J.R. Smith coming back from suspension, the Knicks have decided to start Smith instead of Iman Shumpert and rumors have spread rampant how Shumpert has fallen out of favor with the Knicks organization.

It was reported earlier by the Daily News that the Knicks were offering Shumpert to the Nuggets for Kenneth Faried and while not confirmed as sure to happen, both teams were discussing the trade. From a depth perspective, the Knicks would gladly add Faried's intensity and rebounding while Shumpert could help the Nuggets with their spacing issues and provide great perimeter defense.

Yahoo! Sports' Adrian Wojnarowski dispelled the rumors with this tweet:

Now the question is what move will the Knicks made and how safe is Shumpert feeling after being dangled around the league as a trade chip?

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[via ESPN]