Thanks to Jonathan Martin and the Miami Dolphins, the issue of hazing has been a hot topic for the last month or so. Ever since Martin came out and revealed that he had been hazed and bullied by his teammate Richie Incognito, there have been dozens of athletes who have come out and shared their own hazing stories. But we promise you that you haven't heard a hazing story like the one that David Beckham just shared.

Back in the early 1990s when Beckham joined Manchester United's youth team, he was forced to take part in a hazing ritual that was way worse than anything you've heard about from other athletes. It's so ridiculous/disgusting/vile/disgusting/mean/did we mention disgusting? that it makes us uncomfortable. So we can't imagine how Becks must have felt.

So what was the ritual? Well, Beckham was forced to stand in front of his Man U teammates at the time and masturbate while looking at a photo of former Man U player Clayton Blackmore. It was humiliating, to say the least.

"It's something we all had to go through," Beckham admits in a new documentary Class of '92. "It was definitely something I wouldn't like to go through again."

Uh, ya think?!? And as he mentions, Beckham wasn't the only one who had to do it. Former Man U player Robbie Savage backed up Beckham's story on Twitter earlier today:

Blank stare. Say it ain't so, Becks! You win. Your hazing story is, hands down, the worst we've ever heard.

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[via New York Daily News]