Flash back to a few months ago and you'll recall that an overly excited Curtis Stevens was sure he was going to get the best of undefeated middleweight power Gennady Golovkin. Specifically, Stevens said, "Ohhhhhhh! [WBA middleweight champion Gennady] Golovkin get caught just like that though. Word to mother," referring to the destructive left hand that knocked out his prior opponent.

Flash forward to last night and Stevens' ass was the one that was on the canvas. Ironically, this knockdown came from Golovkin's left hand. The result was this stunned reaction from Steven, which channeled an exasperated, Ric Flairish "WOOO" and outright shock. Stevens colorful commentary was notably absent afer he lost to Golovkin by TKO in the eight round.

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[via For The Win]