Oriana Ferrell and her five children were pulled over by a New Mexico state police officer for speeding back on October 28 and things got scary. Ferrell decided she wasn't having it and drove away instead of turning her minivan off as directed. The cop stopped her again and got angry, demanding that she leave the vehicle. Ferrell's 14-year-old son got out of the passenger side and tried to confront the officer but backed away when the cop reached for his taser.

The argument continues away from the van but when the officer tries to arrest her, Ferrell makes a dash back to her car. The son jumps out again and gets into a physical altercation with the officer. Backup arrives and he dives back into the vehicle. The cops break the passenger window to try to get the boy out, but Ferrell pulls away. As if things weren't crazy enough, one of the officers pulls out his weapon and starts firing at the car full of screaming kids. After a four minute chase, Ferrell gives up and she and her son are arrested. At least one of the officers is being investigated for his use of force in the incident. Watch the police dash-cam footage of the insane incident below:

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[via Gawker]