The Comples Rides team might not be too big, but what we lack in numbers, we make up for with our passion and love of cars. In one way or another, cars have served an integral role in our lives, whether they were a way for us to spend time with our family, or they were the original reason our now significant other said hello, or they were how we quenched an insatiable thirst to know how things work, or they were simply a representation of our personal style and taste. Whatever the reason is, we have a connection with automobiles that will alway be special to us. 

Of course, that special feeling doesn't come from just any car. We don't look at old Yugos and get that fluttering feeling in our chests. Every person who writes for us has specific preferences, based on their upbringings and their current situations. We wanted to know exactly what those preferenes were, so we asked a question that is both extremely simple and incredibly complex: "What are your classic and modern dream cars?" We think you'll enjoy some of the answers, and we'd love to hear yours, as well. 

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